5 Ways for Students to Save Money on Travel Expenses

top ways for students to save money while travelingThere are plenty of ways for students to save money when they decide to spend the summer traveling. It’s vital that the student spend some time researching and making plans before starting their trip though.

Research, Research and Research

Long before students start booking their trip, they should be considering the type of trip they’d like to take. It’s important to know the general costs of a trip to the beach at the height of the busy season versus a travel vacation to a less populated area of a country. The student should have a cost in mind while searching for the best deals. When the student sees a deal, they’ll be in a position to snag that deal quickly since they’ve done their research.

Transportation Flexibility

If students are hoping to visit a certain area of the country like Asia or Europe, one of the best ways to see that country is on a bus or a train. Students will find that airfare can skyrocket during the summer when everyone is on vacation. If students are willing to be flexible, they can certainly take advantage of the lower rates for bus or train travel.

Accommodation Flexibility

That same flexibility can be applied to a hotel or hostel. If students are willing to share accommodations, they can stay in hostels or dorm style rooms. It’s a terrific way to save on money. If the students are willing to travel with friends, they can lower the costs of a hotel room significantly. There’s another trend that students can take advantage of when traveling, and that is couch surfing. There are companies devoted to providing accommodations for travelers looking for budget friendly places to stay. The person with a couch to share will connect with a person traveling. A student could bunk on a new couch every night if they are willing to be flexible.

Student Discounts

Students can put their student ID to work for them. There are many countries that allow discounts for students while traveling. Students can obtain an International Student Identity Card that will help them receive discounts without having to go online at all. Over one hundred countries recognize the student ID card. Museums, parks and historical places all offer discounts to students.

Food Costs

When students are traveling, food can be one of the most costly expenses after lodging. Some hostels allow students to cook, so it makes sense to buy food at the market and cook in the hostel. In some countries, street food carts can provide cheap meals for the traveling student. The student can experience the culture through its local street food. It’s important to eat earlier in the day. Food gets more expensive when heading into the dinner hour where restaurants make most of their money.

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