6 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

save money while travelingYou want to see the world but you don’t want to spend a fortune in the process. Fortunately, there are some ways you can save some money when traveling. Incorporate these methods into your travels so you can see more and spend less.

Limit Your Baggage

Most airlines charge for checked baggage now so pack as lightly as possible. Also, avoid oversized luggage since the oversized luggage fee can be quite high. If you really want to save money, simply pack a carry-on and then do laundry at your hotel. A few quarters for a load of laundry is a lot cheaper than $25 or more for a checked bag.

Move Away from the Tourist Areas

As appealing as it might be to eat and stay in the tourist areas, you will pay top dollar for the privilege. Move a little bit off the beaten path so you can save some money on your trip. In many cases, you only have to move a street or two away so you are still within walking distance of the hotspots without paying the extra price for the prime real estate.

Watch Out for Foreign Transaction Fees

If you’re traveling abroad, keep an eye out for those pesky foreign transaction fees. A lot of the credit card companies charge users 3% for every dollar people spend when they are out of their home countries. If you rely heavily on credit cards, those fees can add up and turn an affordable vacation into an expensive one. Check with your credit card companies to find out which ones don’t charge fees and then bring those on your trip.

Shop Duty Free

If you’re flying into another country, stop by the duty free shops you will find at the airport. These tax-free shops often have some money saving deals so you can stock up on the items you need without going over your budget.

Eat Local

Don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine. Not only will you enjoy the experience of eating local cuisine, but you will save money as well. Local food is usually cheaper than Western food when traveling abroad so forget about the hamburger and fries and go with something that the locals recommend.

Avoid Peak Rates

From flights to hotels, the peak season is the most expensive season to travel to a location. Save money by going in the shoulder season. You can still enjoy some nice weather, but you won’t spend nearly as much money.

Now you are ready to go on a trip without breaking the bank. You can see the sights and still have some money left in the bank when you head back home.

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