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Paydayr works to help consumers in making smarter financial decisions. The tools and resources Paydayr provides empower consumers to make the most responsible and cost effective choices when seeking financing.

Paydayr is working to ensure the sustainability of consumer finance markets by encouraging consumers and creditors to work together responsibly when entering into credit arrangements, both online and locally. By reviewing lenders and creditors for proper licensing, data security standards, regulatory compliance and other factors affecting a company’s reputability and business practices, Paydayr is able to help consumers avoid lenders and creditors with unsafe or unscrupulous business practices.

Consumers facing financial hardship are especially susceptible to abuses by banks and other financial institutions. Disreputable lenders can take advantage of consumers with ambiguous and confusing terms designed to obscure the real costs of a loan. Many of these deceptive creditors are unlicensed and unregulated. By operating outside of the jurisdiction of the borrower, these lenders and creditors face little or no oversight, and consumers who borrow from these institutions have little recourse in resolving any disputes.

Education is one of the most important steps to protecting consumers from these predatory lending practices. A well-informed consumer is equipped with the knowledge needed to make smart financial decisions and manage a budget without getting drawn into a cycle of debt. Paydayr helps consumer achieve this goal by working with consumer advocates and policymakers to conduct industry research and report on key developments in consumer finance law.

Paydayr also recognizes the importance of protecting consumers’ rights through the support of non-profit and government-led initiatives to put forward smarter consumer finance policies. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Center for Responsible Lending are both excellent resources for those seeking guidance on consumer finance law and industry oversight.

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