Planning your dream wedding can be so much fun – but also fraught with stress and worries. One of the most common concerns is how to afford a wonderful wedding while at the same time not breaking the bank. This is completely possible if you just think outside the box a bit!

Consider Less Popular Wedding Times

June is the most common month for weddings, and that means that it can be the most costly because so many people want services then. Consider an April wedding instead, or an autumn wedding. Another thing to consider is having your wedding on any day but Saturday. You will find venues and services cheaper on less popular days, such as a Friday evening or a Sunday.

Trim the Guest List

In addition to needing to spend more on catering costs, more guests also means more tables, more favors, more table linens, etc. Consider not allowing single guests to invite dates, and not including children in the invitations. You can also make a blanket rule that co-workers are not being invited, or only first degree family members. If you don’t make exceptions to the rule, you shouldn’t run into hard feelings from anyone.

Keep Invitation Costs Low

Instead of having “Save the Date” cards made up, email them instead to save printing and mailing costs. You can also trim costs by doing the wedding invitations less traditionally as well. For instance, don’t use the inner envelope or blotter paper, and ask for guests to RSVP by email or phone instead of including reply cards.

Save on Food and Drink

Instead of a full open bar, consider serving only wine and beer. You can also ask your caterer what are the least expensive meals, and whether you would save by having a buffet instead.

Shop Smart for Your Wedding Dress

If you wear a common dress size like 6 or 8, look for sample sales. You could possibly get a great dress for a very low price. Also look for wedding dresses online, where you may find deals. Another option to consider is looking in upscale thrift shops for a dress that’s already been worn. Let’s face it, dresses are only worn for a few hours and you can save big buying secondhand!

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