Enormous Tips

Lottery Ticket TipWorking for minimum wage plus tips can be a grind, especially when dealing with stingy customers who think 5% is a generous gratuity. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of well-healed restaurant-goers out there, who really appreciate good service.

$17,500 Winning Lottery Ticket Tip
Recently a bartender in Oregon received a winning lottery ticket for a tip. Aurora Kephart, the bartender at Conway’s restaurant, frequently receives lottery tickets as tips from one of her regular customers. On this night in particular, though, the lottery ticket she received, turned out to be a winner, worth $17,500. When Kephart realized the ticket was a winner, she tried to return it to the shocked patron, who had given it to her. The man, who chose to remain anonymous, refused and insisted that keep the ticket for herself. After claiming her winnings the next day, however, the waitress gave a percentage of the winnings to the customer who tipped her.

Tip for a New Car$5,000 Tip to Buy A New Car
A waiter in Houston, who’s been serving a regular couple at D’Amico’s, for years, received a tip for a new car. The couple who’d been dining at D’Amico’s for several years, learned that the waiter had recently lost his car to storms in the area. They handed the young man a wad of bills, totaling $5,000, and told him to buy himself a new car.

Tip for a trip to Italy$1,000 Tip for a Trip to Italy
An Italian-American waitress, who’s daughter wound up the receipt from this tip on tumblr, received $1,000 tip from a first-time customer. The stranger wrote a brief message on the receipt, instructing the waitress to enjoy her trip to Italy. The waitress had discussed with this stranger her 8 years of art education and her family in Italy. She had always wanted to go to Italy, but could never afford it. The deep-pocketed patron, who had never been to the restaurant before, decided that this woman deserved a trip to Italy and left her a $1,000 tip.

$500 Tips$500 Tips Coming to a Town Near You
If you feel like you may have missed the boat, with this slew of recent big tippers, don’t lose hope. A man from Kentucky is on a mission to leave $500 tips at restaurants all across the country. The mission began as the dying wish of the man’s 30 year old brother, Aaron, who requested in his will that his family leave a $500 tip for some lucky waiter or waitress. After the story became a media sensation, the family raised $60,000 in donations to continue this campaign for random acts of giving. Now Aaron’s brother is traveling throughout the U.S., leaving $500 tips everywhere he goes, until every last penny has been given away.

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