The Best Times and Places to Sell Textbooks

Get the most out of your used textbooks by selling at best time and selling in the right place. Can you actually sell your textbooks for more than you paid?

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tips for selling used textbooksCollege is an expensive investment. The costs of tuition, room, board and books can put a dent in your finances. One of the ways to recoup your expenses is by selling your used college textbooks.

Selling your used textbooks will benefit you in a few ways. You can clear out the clutter caused by books you may never read again. You can also make some nice cash in the process. It is clearly a win-win situation for you.

There are many places that claim to pay the most money for your used textbooks. With all of the hype and marketing, it can be easy to get confused by the claims. Here are 5 tips that will help you sell your used college textbooks and get the most money in the process.

1. Books in good condition get top dollar. The moment you purchase your books you should make the decision that you are going to sell them at the end of the semester. By making the decision early, you will be mindful to take care of your books throughout the semester. Books that are kept clean and in good condition provide more of a return than books that were disregarded. You should remember to keep your books away from moisture and sunlight. You could also protect your books by always carrying them in a book bag and putting book covers on them.

2. Research prices before you sell. There are hundreds of online textbook selling options. Take some time to determine how much each company will pay for your book. Ask about shipping and handling. The only things you need to conduct a search are a web connection and your textbook’s ISBN.

3. Time your book sale. A little known fact about selling your used textbook is timing makes a big difference in the demand for the book. The best months to sell your books are August, September, January and February.

4. Price your book correctly. You may be able to get a better return by selling your book to a fellow college student. If this is your plan, you should research the best prices for your book by comparing it to your college book store and online prices.

5. List the condition of your book accurately. Whether you are selling it by using a flyer or an online classified ad, provide an accurate description of your book.

  • Excellent means the book looks new, and there are no rips or tears.
  • Very good means the book has been used, and there are no rips and tears.
  • Good means the book looks as if it has been used, but it does not have rips and tears.
  • Acceptable means the books has clearly been used, and it shows wear and tear.
  • Poor means the book looks worn, but it is still in a readable condition.

By following these tips, you can quickly sell your used textbook for the best price possible.

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