Ugly Animal Preservationist

Ugly Animal PreservationistSimon Watt is a biologist, a public speaker, and something of a comedian. He’s also the first official Ugly Endangered Animal Preservationist. Watt, who’s best known for his half comedy, half biology, lectures, has recently launched a new campaign known as the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. The idea behind the initiative is that the cute and cuddly endangered species get all of the attention and all of the funding. The aim of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society is to raise awareness and money for the preservation of those lesser-known animals, that don’t exactly give us a warm and fuzzy feeling, but are also facing possible extinction.

The Panda is such a popular endangered species, that in the U.S. alone, there are 4 zoos that stream 24/7 live panda broadcasts. Thousands of people tune in every day to watch these fuzzy beasts roll around and nibble on bamboo. Then there’s the Orca, starring in at least a dozen, multimillion dollar, films over the past 20 years, including the blockbuster franchise; Free Willy. So, where does the Blobfish fit into this glamorous world of endangered species? The Blobfish, a bottom dwelling, deep sea fish, with gelatinous muscles, has been unofficially crowned the animal kingdom’s ugliest, and if the UAPS has their way, this animal too, will get it’s moment in the spotlight.

Simon Watt, as self-proclaimed ‘President for Life’ of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, has assembled a group of like-minded biologist-comedians and comedian-biologists, to join him in the Society’s efforts to preserve ugly wildlife. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an Ugly Animal Preservationist, you may face some challenges, as the UAPS isn’t currently hiring and there aren’t many other organizations focusing on this particularly specialized field. Though, you could always form your own local non-profit group, to take part in the movement. In any case, you can sleep well tonight, citizens of the world, knowing that Simon Watt and his fellow Ugly Animal Preservationists are hard at work protecting our most cherished ugly species from the ever-present threat of extinction.

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